I am a software engineer by day, and an artist always. If I'd had my way at age 18, I would have been an indie filmmaker and screenwriter in my hometown of Los Angeles. As it so happened, I moved for work to the other side of the country, on the geek squads of many different security companies. (Don't feel sorry for me, though; I have a lot of stories to tell.)

Long before starting this blog, I promised myself that I would never, ever apologize for "not writing in a while." Nobody wants to read that, and nobody cares. What I will promise is to always have interesting content -- interesting to folks whose interests intersect with mine, that is -- presented in an intriguing or concise fashion. This could take me a few weeks or a few months, but each post will be a damn pleasure to write and to read (shoot me a note if you find otherwise).

And to wit, here is a song for you. 💋💋💋

...because I love sharing songs. They are little bookmarks and windows into my intangible mind.

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