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A shy observer of the world. She loves to travel, eat, read, and muse. Hang out, or don't; she don't care.

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Mar 15, 2022

Thoughts on a Tuesday afternoon.

Thoughts on a Tuesday afternoon.

I've had so many good conversations with friends lately – and a super disappointing one with someone I thought I would be partnering with, but who turned out to be more self-centered and disagreeable

Mar 7, 2022

Reversed tower.

On relationships and life. What you have not realized is that these breakdowns can be beneficial in breaking down your reliance on something that is false. What you relied on will no longer

Mar 4, 2022

Reassessing my infosec career

So again I think people are not seeing your talent and as a result your not being offered the "Cool" gigs lol , which you want ... which to me is like business as usual

Mar 4, 2022

Link dump of python packaging conventions

Just a link dump of stuff I've found regarding packaging python projects... Link Description https://github.com/pavopax/python/wiki Straightforward demo of setup.cfg https://packaging.python.org/en/latest/tutorials/packaging-projects/

Feb 22, 2022

CTF fun again (unsarcastic!)

Kudos to the folks who make these CTF challenges though. Given the prompt that came with the challenge (i.e., to get the password of an encryption service), I was actually digging through

Jan 7, 2022

Today's draw: A new hope

Today's draw: A new hope

Figured I'd start journaling my thoughts on my daily draws as a way to explain my life, given that one of my resolutions this year was to blog more. [ 6 of swords ]-1

Dec 26, 2021

Year 2021 Retrospective

Early January of this year, I was teaching striking and grappling from the tiny screen in my art room turned training room. My job at the Bank was incredibly alienating and lonely, and

Dec 16, 2021

Uses for old tea bags

Add a hint of flavor to rice or grains. Hang your used tea bags in boiling water to infuse your food with a touch of flavor. Think jasmine tea with rice or chai