April 17, 2021

Don't panic.

Day one:

I got laid off today. I could be sadder, but in all honesty, I also think it was a matter of time before I would be parting ways. I stood out like a sore thumb and never really felt like I got the support I needed in the way that I needed it. It would have taken me down a different career path, too... One that I didn't expect ever to take. So maybe in some way, it's the universe telling me to focus on the skills I already have, because that's where I'll be the most useful.

At least this work has opened my eyes to what the security practice side looks like – the side that I wasn't really familiar with, coming from a vendor and thinktank background.

I'm kind of excited to see where my next step will be... This time armed with data science.

Or maybe I'll finally finish up grad school. Who knows...


  • Identify where the data science field is at with security products, and what startups are doing what.
  • Keep growing my data science skillset and security skills. Strengthen my dev skills, add my projects to GitHub. Get comfortable articulating my thoughts.
  • Figure out a workable life schedule that incorporates Black Wing Collective rather than having it consume my life.
  • Learn how to interview better.
  • See where I can get help with my resume.

Day two:

This fucking sucks. If ever there's a moment for me to heed my instructor's call to dig deep and find the inner reservoir of strength I supposedly have, now is probably a good time.

Do you think I still have what it takes to do the necessary? The past several years have made it hard for me to believe in myself.