February 2, 2023

Interesting new draw today.

Interesting new draw today.

I drew a new card pattern today. The 2 of swords was my first draw, and represents some form of mental indecision. Given the current way I use my time, I took that to mean the indecision/conflict between work and play/training.

Indeed, trying to draw two more cards to dive deeper into that indecision led me to 8 of cups, with its feeling of incompleteness and struggle, and Justice from the Major Arcana suit, embodying the myriad of activities I have around learning, teaching, and advocating for self-defense/self-protection.

Obviously, the reading of the cards and what comes up from them is entirely subjective, but these two were so incredibly apt at capturing my feelings about both ways I use my time.

I haven't really looked yet at the 4 supporting cards on each side of the draw. The four cards are to help me understand the pros and cons of each endeavor, which should help me dig a little deeper when investigating where I ought to best use my time. I do find it hilarious that on the career side, I see so many wildly heavy cards from the Major Arcana... and inverted, no less, to really punctuate the gravity of their meanings.

At first blush, one side definitely looks more fun than the other. But that doesn't mean that that ought to be the one I choose. Sometimes the hard road is the right road. But whatever decision I make, I am admonished through both people, circumstances, and cards, to commit to that decision and see it to the close.