May 13, 2021

Carne Asada

For 1 1/4 lb steak (beef chuck or skirt steak), pounded... 1/2 cup fresh lime juice1/2 cup fresh orange juice2 tsp dried oregano4 cloves garlic1/4 tsp cumin (I had

Apr 17, 2021

Don't panic.

Day one: I got laid off today. I could be sadder, but in all honesty, I also think it was a matter of time before I would be parting ways. I stood out

Apr 15, 2021

Easy chicken pho

Add all this in step 2: chicken, cinnamon stick, cloves, star anise, fennel and coriander seeds, sugar, fish sauce.In a large stock pot: Char 2 thick cuts of ginger and halved onions

Apr 9, 2021

Lessons for a new combatives instructor.

If you think you have enough material, you do not. Once you've picked a concept to teach, have plenty of options and alternative routes to get there.If you think you've practiced enough,

Apr 8, 2021


I was looking for a new notebook to use for teaching notes, and came across a half-used notebook from 2018. There was a lot that happened that year, and that was one of

Apr 5, 2021

10 ways to nurture resilience

From Beth Kempton's book "Wabi Sabi: Japanese Wisdom for a Perfectly Imperfect Life" Boost your physical vitality with exercise, nourishment, and rest.Boost your mental vitality with quiet time, adequate sleep, and time

Apr 5, 2021

Be here now.

"What I think of as a pretty good standard turns out to be not that good after all... It's a roller coaster of pride and despair as I alternate between how far I've

Apr 1, 2021

My pandemic year, in a list.

Quit grad school. Career-wise... switched over to data science role. Made peace with where I was at. Related: started taking my pills to stabilize my brain chemistry. Started Black Wing Collective. Learned how

Mar 8, 2021

Stepping into power.

Today's International Women's Day 2021. It's funny; I was trying to come up with a post for my training group Black Wing Collective, and in my head, I almost tried to come up