March 8, 2021

Stepping into power.

Today's International Women's Day 2021.

It's funny; I was trying to come up with a post for my training group Black Wing Collective, and in my head, I almost tried to come up with something that wouldn't be too controversial – partly because it's a headache to get drawn into arguments online, and... I don't know. I'm not militant, but I will stand up for myself and for the vulnerable. But I would rather collaborate than fight about it.

I thought about all the women in my life who've lived lives of breakthrough – my grandmother who ran off as a young woman, perhaps a child even, to be a nurse on the battlefields in World War II, my mom who's one of the few female pastors of her time, my aunt who graduated as one of the few female computer science majors of her class, my female mentor who also graduated as one of the only females in her electrical engineering Masters program.

I was only one of, what, 15 women, in my group of computer science graduates?

I also thought about that one random morning I rode my motorcycle into work. There was a mother pushing a little girl in her stroller across the street while I waited for a stop light. The little girl stared at me the whole time, smiled, and waved shyly.

And so I thought... you know, if I can't stand my ground for myself... I can at least stand up for her, and for all the young ladies who think I am truly the image I need to project. By supporting myself, I support them too.