April 1, 2021

My pandemic year, in a list.

  1. Quit grad school.
  2. Career-wise... switched over to data science role. Made peace with where I was at. Related: started taking my pills to stabilize my brain chemistry.
  3. Started Black Wing Collective. Learned how to build a curriculum, and got comfortable becoming a teacher. And met a lot of really awesome people.
  4. Met Scott and really started learning LFS. Actually, he encouraged me to start the Collective.
  5. Did Muay Thai every day like a ritual.
  6. Started kickboxing with Rob.
  7. Was really shocked that Danielle, Amy, and Rachelle would train with me every week. They could be doing anything else, but they came out to do this with me.
  8. Started getting more comfortable with my kali experience.. enough to teach it.
  9. Started exploring the connections between Vietnamese, Thai, and Lao cuisines.
  10. Learned what home cooking was really about, by letting go of the belief that ingredient X doesn't belong in dish Y.
  11. Got really into Lao dipping sauces, particularly Jeow Som. It goes perfectly with cucumbers and Popeyes fried chicken.
  12. Really enjoyed being in this little cocoon at home with my husband.
  13. Got my first pull-up.
  14. Read "Art of War" with my dad over Zoom. We're going to do calligraphy together next, and that makes me happy.
  15. Built out my workout room... Actually, we did that just before the pandemic happened. But that's now my favorite room in the house.
  16. Became friends with Carlo. Well, it's nearing the end of the pandemic, but it's not over, but that still counts, right?
  17. Really enjoyed building out my personal martial arts practice, and expanding my understanding beyond LEO and female self-defense applications to civilian applications and just plain enjoyment of techniques.
  18. Got comfortable being in front of a camera... fwiw.

Favorite quote of the year:

"It doesn't matter who you are; what matters is who is needed. So, be that person."
– Scott Babb, The Prince and the Disciple

Favorite example of that quote: Joe Biden... the average Joe who became POTUS when what we needed was exactly an average Joe.