January 25, 2021

This year.

I don't know; I think it takes a certain kind of grip on life to call this year your year, and formulate all kinds of ambitions. I just don't have that grip these days, and the older I get, the less seriously I take everything. I live for fun and not for keeps.

I got some items on my to-do list, just because.

  1. Spend three months practicing my pakal balisong grip – that's blade point down grip, for those unfamiliar with Filipino martial arts.
  2. Speak at a data science conference. Not sure which one yet.
  3. Read the books I said I was going to read last year... Yeah, I'm serious.
  4. Do more YouTubes. (I started a martial arts training thing last year, and have been relishing fleshing out its curriculum and extra-curriculars.)
  5. Catch up with Grandma more often. I miss that lady. I guess I miss all my family back in Asia. I really need to travel more.
  6. Dare to let my silence be silence when I'm around friends, no judgment.
  7. Finish up my knife curriculum.

You know, while I love being a martial arts generalist and seeing how all the threads connect together, there are times when a system really just captivates my imagination and entices me to explore, create, and do better... There are so many things I'd love to pursue down the rabbit hole this year. More dumog, more improvised and flexible weaponry, more fine points of balisong.

More yoga. All of it, not just the asanas, but the stories, the yamas, the sanskrit. (I don't know why I put that in my "martial arts" bucket – it just makes sense.)

More learning to breathe this year.

An excerpt from "Rhythm In Life," from the book The Center Within, by Gyomay M. Kubose.