I have to have no ego to keep going, or I will break.
But I won't fucking quit.

I am not going to make excuses.
I will not allow myself excuses, even if others make them for me.

I don’t need anyone to tell me not to dwell on the past.
But I also don’t need anyone to tell me that I can do better in the future.

I already know that in the depths of my soul, my whole being wants to slay.

I will stay humble and compassionate toward others' struggles.
But I will not tolerate slack in myself or in my teammates.

I will take hard problems and break them down early.
I will make a plan, and ask for help if I need it.

I will learn, and I will be proficient in my craft.
I will then step up to the plate and take responsibility.
I will embody leadership, whether it is my role or it is not.

If there is space to be better, I will move in.
I believe in the mission, in my team, and in myself.

I am where I am meant to be.