December 16, 2021

Uses for old tea bags

  • Add a hint of flavor to rice or grains. Hang your used tea bags in boiling water to infuse your food with a touch of flavor. Think jasmine tea with rice or chai tea with oatmeal.
  • Protect house plants from fungal disease by re-brewing a used tea bag and using the weak tea (cooled) to water your plants.
  • Neutralize odors naturally. Spread dried tea leaves in stinky spots like the cat litter box or in the bottom of your garbage bags.
  • Make cleaning the fireplace safer and easier. Dump the damp contents of tea bags onto the ash to weigh it down before sweeping out the fireplace.
  • De-grease pots and pans. Soak hard-to-clean dishes in water with a used tea bag tossed in. The tea will help loosen stuck-on food and break up grease.
  • Add them to your bath. The antioxidants in tea are good for your skin and the gentle scent will add some aromatherapy to your soak.
  • Take the sting out of insect bites and sunburns. Using a cool compress will reduce pain and inflammation of the affected areas.
  • Make a hair rinse. Remove product buildup without using another product. Soak 3-4 used tea bags in warm water and pour it over your head after shampooing and conditioning as usual. Don’t rinse. Pro tip: Chamomile brightens blondes and black tea adds a coppery shimmer to brunettes, according to Housewife How-Tos.
  • Deodorize carpets by scattering the dried contents of several teabags over your rugs before you vacuum.
  • Depuff tired eyes. Place cool tea bags over your eyes, cucumber style. According to Chasing Green, the tannins in the tea leaves may reduce bags and dark circles.
  • Clean leather shoes by buffing with a damp teabag.
  • Wash stinky hands, using a tea bag as you would a bar of soap to help eradicate garlic, onion, or fish odors.