January 5, 2023

Winter prep for spring gardening

Since we moved into a new house later last year, I've sort of let the front and back yards go fallow because it was too late to plant anything. But since I'm starting grad school soon, to progress through the planting season, I figured I should note some things that can be started ahead of time so I'm not hurriedly trying to do it all come spring.

  1. Build the raised garden beds now. Our soil's actually pretty awesome, and we've been composting our kitchen scraps since the first day we moved in, so the only consideration is where we want to put what, and what we want to overall layout of the yards to look like. The benefit to doing it this far in advance, too, is that I could then look for, say, small branches and other materials for construction, rather than dropping money on them.
  2. Start saving stuff for seed pots. This includes: making small newspaper cups, saving disposable coffee cups during any coffee runs, saving toilet paper rolls, breaking up egg cartons (which I actually don't like all that much because they're really shallow, but people have successfully sprouted and transplanted from them), and keeping amazon boxes for planter trays.
  3. Start acquiring seeds we want. I'm definitely going to be sowing sunflower seeds again because they're awesome and easy. But I'd love to get some other flowers, both for vases and for teas. 😌

More to be continued...