March 4, 2022

Reassessing my infosec career

So again I think people are not seeing your talent and as a result your not being offered the "Cool" gigs lol , which you want ... which to me is like business as usual lol ..

I think its a 2 prong issue we can resolve, so you need to market yourself better
#1 and show case seriously what you can do write some apps post some code on git and that kind of stuff that is security related.

#2 I dont know your skillset honestly beyond, sure you can do splunk and sec. analyst stuff at a SOC thats cute but can you actually really rip malware apart and really tell me okay ya its from nk or China or no its a israeli spoof group posing as russia , etc and you might not have that skill because you haven't been taught that or you don't know how to get there. Does this make sense what Im saying? I can't really help you until I know your skills are really at and then we can take it one step at a time.

A small snippet of what's honestly been a more helpful conversation than any mentorships I've had in a while. I need help and have been spinning my wheels for a really long time.